Now I’m celebrated for who I am

Mia's one-page profile

Mia’s one-page profile

Through the eyes of a 12 year old. Mia shares with us how her one-page profile has helped her communicate what is important to her and how best to support her well. Her Aspergers means that she can sometimes get worried or stressed by situations and having a one-page profile has relieved this fear significantly as the people around her understand her better. Now Mia is celebrated for who she is – this is Mia’s story.

Written by Mia

My name is Mia and I am 12 years old.  I am a very sporty person and I like swimming and hockey and athletics. I like to be in the school sports teams and be active. I have Aspergers Syndrome, which means that although I am very clever I sometimes get very stressed and worried and don’t understand people always.

I created a one-page profile because my mum wanted to help me to settle into my new school and be happy. I was moving from primary school to high school and this was a big change for me and I don’t like change. The one-page profile was to help the teachers understand me as a person and what was important to me and how to check if I was o.k. as I don’t always show people when I am stressed. It was also to pass information about what worked well for me from my old school to my new school.

Lots of people were involved in my one-page profile, my mum and dad and my sister contributed about what they liked about me, also my Nan. My school teacher was involved and explained what happens for me in school, but most of all I was able to explain what was important to me and what worries me and how to help me with this.

My one-page profile was given to all of the teachers, because of it my new form teacher knew a bit about me when I went to the school for a trial and this helped me feel relaxed. My one-page profile has been used to help teachers put things in place like homework slips to help me get organised. I’m not very good at this sometimes! My mum has come to the school with some teachers and me to add information when things have changed.

I asked my mum what she thinks of my one-page profile and this is what she said:

“The one-page profile has helped people to understand Mia and look for ways in which she is communicating. She is the vice captain of her form class a position of responsibility that she is exceptionally proud of, without the one-page profile teachers would not have known how important this is for Mia.

“Lots of support has been given to Mia around how to make school better for her and most of it has been with Mia at the centre of the decisions which has helped her to gain confidence and manage a very stressful period in her life. Most importantly, Mia is recognised for her talents and abilities and not just her challenges and difficulties.

“What has clearly come out of Mia’s one-page profile is how Mia doesn’t always show how she is feeling and she now has a great group of friends who Mia has shown her profile too and they too ‘get Mia’. School remains difficult for Mia at times but the one-page profile has clearly helped with information sharing, developing strategies and ensuring Mia is at the centre of her life. It has also helped to develop good relationships with family and teachers and I would without doubt recommend a one-page profile to every child in school.”