When you are new to a team: One-page profiles at work

An example of how this apprentice used her one-page profile to help her get the most out of her placement, communicating what support she needed and helping her team get to know her well and quickly.

Mollie's one-page profile

Mollie’s one-page profile

Written by May Lee

Mollie is an apprentice working with a team supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. She had no experience of working with people with learning disabilities prior to beginning her work as an apprentice. Upon starting she immediately showed signs of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn as well as great communication skills. Mollie also attends college one day a week.

Mollie was supported to develop a one-page profile in order to develop her relationships with the new team she was coming into and help us understand what her learning and development needs were so that she could get the most out of her placement with us.

I explained the concept to Mollie who completed a first draft and we went through it together to develop it further. This was then shared with the rest of the support team working alongside Mollie so that everyone could understand how best to support her and make sure we all worked together.

Having the one-page profile has enabled Mollie to do more of what’s important to her. She went on an Intensive Interaction course which meant she was able to develop her relationships further with the people we support. She was then able to feedback not only to the team she was working with but also to other people at the forum. As a result of this she has attended several services team meetings to talk about Intensive Interaction.

The process of developing the profile helped us to understand Mollie better, but also gave Mollie the opportunity to reflect on what she wanted and allowed her to say what she wanted others to do in order to make the most out of her placement. One of the things Mollie said was to give her regular feedback on how she’s doing so that she can keep learning – we make sure we do this at least once a month so we keep it on the agenda.

It has been great watching Mollie grow and develop and I am confident that her one-page profile has empowered her during her apprenticeship with us.