What they can achieve still amazes me!

Cath’s journey to being a fitter and healthier person demonstrates how one-page profiles can still bring surprising results, even for those who work with them daily and know their worth.

Cath's one-page profile

Cath’s one-page profile

Written by Cath Barton

In my early forties I became more concerned about my weight, fitness (or rather lack of) and overall health and wellbeing.  I was in the habit of crash dieting before a holiday or big event, only to put the weight back on, ending up feeling deflated and unsuccessful.  I knew I wasn’t alone in this and some people spent their life feeling this way. The difference for me was that I am a Person Centred Planning Coordinator. My day job is to use person-centred approaches. I had the resources and knowledge to identify the things that are important to me, think about the support that works best and make positive changes.  I had even used one-page profiles for myself and family in my personal life but for some reason I hadn’t thought to apply it to my health and wellbeing before now.

I promote person-centred approaches passionately and needed to practice what I preach and use the tools at my disposal to create and support change within my own life.

I decided to develop a one-page profile specifically for keeping healthy. Not to focus on dieting, as I knew that in the past this had been a short term solution, rather to think about what was important to me about keeping healthy and the support I needed to achieve this.

I took some time thinking about what worked well for me, what did good healthy days look like, when did I feel I had achieved, how could I have more days like this? I recorded the information, shared it with my family and put it on our achievement wall in the kitchen where it was easy to see.

I’m constantly amazed by the changes that can be achieved from information recorded on a single sheet of paper.  I feel much more in control of my health and fitness. Simply having the information at my fingertips has helped me to focus.  It’s made me much more positive about exercise too, not seeing it as a chore but remembering how good it feels afterwards.  I’ve even started Pilates and swimming and met some interesting people through this.

I wanted to be able to make long term changes, not quick fixes and my one-page profile supports me to do this, incorporating healthy eating and exercise as part of my daily routine with support and encouragement from those around me.  It will always be a work in progress, to review regularly and keep up to date. But this time I won’t be obsessing over the scales. I’ll be asking myself how I feel.

New learning for me was also how powerful the appreciation section in the one-page profile can be.  It’s not about fishing for compliments or simply having positive words recorded. For me it was recognising what others admired about me, qualities I might not have recognised myself but which boosted my confidence and desire to achieve.  I want to uphold people’s views of me; be determined and strive for success. Having others recognise that I can succeed is a powerful motivator.

So did my one-page profile help to support positive change?  Most definitely!  I’m fitter than I have been for a long time, I’ve found an exercise I love to do and have a good balance in my life.  One of my proudest moments was swimming my first mile.  I’m still amazed by the difference it has made and grateful for the success my one-page profile has supported me to achieve.