An important part of the community

An example of how a one-page profile has helped one man’s team of support workers understand what is important to him and how best to support him in a social care setting.

Barry's one-page profile

Barry’s one-page profile

Written by Sam Potter

Barry came to live with us on 16 April 2012 from the St Helens Stewart assessment unit. He had been admitted to hospital under section two of the mental health act, from another nursing home after his behaviour became aggressive and they felt unable to support him. Barry had been known on a number of occasions to attack other people he was living with and this was an area of concern for the staff team there.  When first coming here, Barry was unsettled and would often have outburst. We knew that Barry had a history of hiding medication or refusing to take it, which led to a fluctuation is his mental state.

When Barry arrived at Woodlands, staff set about getting to know him, his likes, dislikes and his social history. We worked closely with his wife to do this. Staff worked towards building a detailed picture of how Barry communicates his likes and dislikes and his escalation signs so we were able to notice his mood changes early and help him stay calm.  All of this information was recorded on Barry’s one-page profile. When Barry appeared aggressive the team used soft de-escalation techniques and nursed him in quiet areas to help him feel safe.  We worked closely with Dr Koumuravelli (Psychiatric Consultant) and Janet Parry (Community Psychiatric Nurse) to get his medication balance correct.

Initially Barry continued to behave as he had done before, often refusing to engage with support staff. However as staff got to know Barry and how best to work with him to reduce his anxiety we have seen a marked improvement – this was continually recorded on his one-page profile. It was noted by nursing staff that when Barry seemed most unsettled it appeared to be linked in with a reoccurring urine infection so we began to regularly test for this.

Barry now engages with support staff and with the correct approach and prompt will shower, shave, meet his care needs and even take part in activities. The one-page profile means that all staff learn how best to support Barry quickly and importantly that they see him as an individual with his own qualities, likes and dislikes.

Barry’s overall happiness and general demeanour is greatly improved. Barry is an important part of the community here at woodlands and we continue to work with him and his family to try and improve his quality of life.