Employees don’t fit into a cookie cutter profile

An example of how one-page profiles can improve employee satisfaction. Suzanne’s profile empowered her to express herself, her personality and how best to support her; creating a happier working environment that she feels she can perform well in.

Written by Suzanne Hala

Suzanne's one-page profile

Suzanne’s one-page profile

I am the Marketing and Communication Manager for Real Life Options and I have been with the organisation for over two years following a career in retail marketing. I’m currently studying for an MBA and enjoy running and being active in my spare time.

I use my one-page profile to tell people about important things to me, to make sure that I can be my best. I support various people around the organisation with their marketing projects. Some I have met on lots of occasions and some I only ever speak to on the phone, so it’s good to have a way to seamlessly add a personal touch to everyday interactions

I found out about one-page profiles from being part of the Leadership Team we formed to embed person-centred values into the organisation. Creating our own profiles was the first thing we did as a team. I had no prior expectations about how having a one-page profile might benefit me or others. The concept was very new to me, especially against a background of working in the private sector for manufacturing companies where figures, targets and finance are the only way success is measured. In retrospect it is clear to see how problems arise in organisations where people are not valued as individuals. The profiles do value individuality. They encourage you to record your own personality and to express how others can best support you. As well as finding the process personally very beneficial, it was a great team building exercise, especially when considering what we liked and admired about each other

My profile is available on the public drive on our computer system. Anyone can access it at any point to learn a little more about me. I update it when I learn something new about myself as opposed to updating it because I have changed in some way.

Having a one-page profile at work has made me feel more valued as a person. The one-page profile moves away from the old fashioned perception that employees should fit a cookie cutter profile. Being encouraged to express my quirks, strengths and preferences gives me a sense of feeling important and appreciated as an employee. It makes complete sense as most people are happiest and perform at their best when they are in an environment where they feel able to express themselves and empowered.