A life changing tool

An example of how one-page profiles can be used to improve relationships and communication. Steve felt like he was being looked after and controlled until his support team learnt from him what was most important and how to support him well.

Steve's one-page profile

Steve’s one-page profile

Written by Sarah Carrier, Lenard Cheshire Disability

Steve Nadison, 35, has lived at Springfield for a year. He is really popular with everyone here. He had a road traffic accident 5 years ago and had his left leg amputated so now uses a wheelchair. He also has an acquired brain injury and hearing loss. Steve moved here from a Learning Disability service, where he had been placed 3 years earlier as an emergency placement. The service was finding it difficult to support Steve.

When we first started to introduce one-page profiles at Springfield, Steve’s quickly stood out as a tool that would be life changing for him. Historically had been “looked after” and he really struggled with this which had led to poor communication between staff and him. He felt he was controlled by everyone. He had got quite angry and aggressive on a few occasions. After talking to him and using learning logs with the staff it was quite obvious communication and control were the things we needed to work on. It was really important that Steve’s personality shone through and staff were given a real sense of how they could support Steve and assist him in managing his money and cigarettes – which were the things that he identified as very important to him.

Steve and Kris (our Person Centred Practice champion) spent some time in his flat discussing what was important to and for him and created his one-page profile. I worked with him to talk about how he wanted people to talk to him and support him to make decisions and this information was captured using other tools.

On completion his profile was then shared with the staff team. His original one-page profile had lots of direct quotes from Steve and we thought this was important as it again gave staff a real idea of how he felt. It is used as part of Steve’s Personal Plan and the feedback from staff has been really positive. They feel they have a good level of information about Steve and are aware how to support him. It has recently been updated after his review.

Steve told me he believes his one-page profile really improved communication with the staff team at Springfield. He thinks it helped him express his feelings and thoughts in an understandable way and in a very short space of time.

Steve feels that he has support over the decisions he is able to make and feels more in control. This is a work in progress and we are constantly looking at how Steve can have more control. He feels that the one-page profile helps make others aware that he will need support to manage his money.  He summed up beautifully by saying ‘it cuts out the rubbish and gets to the point’ for staff.

From a staff team point of view I think Steve being so personable and open has really helped us learn new skills. Steve is very open to talking things through when there has been an issue over money or his cigarettes and I think this has helped his support team grow in confidence. It shows that the information that has been captured really works. Using the one-page profile to get to know Steve and what is important to him reinforces that everyone is an individual. Trying to fit people into a ‘one size fits all’ support plan doesn’t work, but celebrating people’s specific personalities and listening to what is most important to them means you can support people in a way that makes sense and that they are happy with.