A different way to use a one-page profile

An excellent example of how a one-page profile can be adapted to create a professional résumé. Joey recognised the value in the rich information that a one-page profile captures and used it to present himself to potential employers.

Joey's one-page profile for job hunting

Joey’s one-page profile for job hunting

Written by Julie Malette

When Joey developed his first résumé, he was a 15 year old grade nine student living in Sturgeon Falls Ontario.  He was interested in finding after-school and weekend work.

Joey had previously gone to a few local businesses to apply for work and had not heard back from any of them.  His mom suggested that he create a résumé that included the ‘Like and Admire’ and the ‘Important to Me’ sections that feature on a one-page profile.

Joey used the Like and Admire information from a previous family activity, calling his grandmother to explain what he was doing and asking her what she liked and admired about him.  Joey and his mom also talked about what was important to him and wrote this down.  They debated whether or not he should include a picture on his résumé.  They thought that it was likely to get people’s attention but is not usually part of a work résumé.

Joey decided to add his school picture to his résumé.  He then printed some coloured copies and went to local businesses to apply for work.  One employer told him that he had never seen a picture on a résumé and liked it.  He said that although he was not hiring at that time, he would remember his meeting Joey and their conversation and would call him if they had any openings in the future.

Using sections of the one-page profile in the résumé made it stand out from the rest.  Identifying what people like and admire about the person sends a much stronger statement than simply listing strengths and skills.

Joey did get hired to work part-time at a local coffee and doughnut shop.  He learned much from this work experience and has realised that working in the food industry is not what he imagined it would be.  He is now in grade 12 and looking for admin and self-directed types of employment opportunities.  He is also focusing on his schoolwork in an effort to get University scholarships.